Why we make Shaving Brushes

There is something about a shave brush that carries heritage. In the past 3 years we have met more people than we can count that have shared their memories held with their father or grandfather using a shave brush.  We selected the shave brush as our flagship product for The 1906 Gents for this reason.  One of the softest memories I have is of my grandfather Tony DiSlavo and him wetshaving.  As a young boy I remember watching my grandfather; a WWII veteran, lose all his rough edges and stern tones as he taught me to lather using his shaving brush and shave ‘like a man should’.  For this reason, and this memory we wanted to make shaving brushes.  We wanted to design something and hand craft our ‘tools for everyday use’ with the same care and intention my grandfather took when he invested in the man I was to become.  We hand craft each brush to last because we wanted to make more than a product; we wanted to make a Heritage Item for you or for your loved one to make memories around. Some things are funny that way in how they can hold memories, and that's exactly what we hope for our products for that reason we are proud to make The 1906 Gents Heritage Shaving Brush as our flagship product.  We hope you enjoy.