The Shape of our Handle

In 1978 my parents married and in 1980 My father Angelo LaCivita Jr. bought my mother Renee DiSalvo a rocking chair from a second hand store in Houston Texas. They were very poor and this doubled as my mother's Christmas gift the winter before I was born.  The rocking chair was made of several types of wood as it was repaired several times over to that point. I remember the rocking chair growing up, the sound of it creaking; the dark stain, the subtle curves and carvings it held.  To be honest it’s something I can probably draw from memory if I tried.  In 2006 my wife and I had our first child, our daughter Gianna.  Without hesitation my mother drove from Youngstown Ohio to Springfield Missouri where my wife and I now live with the rocking chair in tow. 

Through the years the rocker has seen 3 more children come into this world; Zane our first son, and the twins Asher and Rocco. The rocking chair has been a dependable place to rest, feed the children, and rock each one to sleep hundreds of times over.  For 35 years this chair was a staple in my home. Serving as a coat catch all during the holidays for family and friends who visit. It's been the chair we read the giving tree to our children, it’s the chair I was sitting in last time I spoke to my father on the phone before he died.  And the spot I sit when I want to remember the loving and creative dad he was to a rambunctious little boy. The chair has been an anchor for hundreds of bedsheet forts, the chair gave me a scar on the left side of my head from being that rambunctious little boy,  the rocking chair has even served as ‘time out’ chair for me and for a ALL of my own children. Then one day 5 years ago the chair gave another gift; one of inspiration. 

As I played with my daughter on her floor; the chair sat quiet, and unassuming in the corner.  As my daughter and I played and the plastic dinosaurs were acting out their imaginary carnage, I looked past my daughter and noticed the unique legs of the rocker.  For the past few months we had been developing (or trying to) a brush handle shape that was ‘our own’  the 1906 gents were still a basement business at the time, and of course by that I mean it was in the basement of our house.  To this point we had made several dozen brush handles, various shapes sizes etc.  Nothing felt right or looked unique.  Naptime came for my daughter and I quickly sketched out a section of the chairs legs and made some measurements; that design was the launch pad for the handle shape we proudly craft today. 

This story is also the inspiration of our company Philosophy: Stand for Generations to Come.  The rocking chair purchased by my father for my mother 35 years ago has been the muse through which I have drawn inspiration, and a purpose from.  That rocking chair has stood for generations, and most assuredly will for those to come.  With this story in mind we decided to call our shaving brush with its unique shape - The Heritage Brush.  Our Brush handle’s shape is not only purposeful, and made to be held and utilized for many different grips and motions for working up a great lather, but has been inspired from our philosophy itself.  Stand for Generations to Come.  I wanted to make a symbol that was more than just an appealing shape, I wanted to have a handle for our brushes that held the same intentionality and purpose that we took in our work.  For this reason we are proud to offer The 1906 Gents Heritage Shave Brush.