Everything Has a Story. This is Ours...


For his 30th birthday; Dante LaCivita was given his Grandfather’s shave set, consisting of a straight razor, a lather mug and his Grandfather’s shave brush. A WWII Veteran; his grandfather had more than a few rough edges, yet this Vet still invested time to teach a 12 year old boy “how to shave like a man”. This memory now embodied in a shave brush stuck with Dante.

Mike Mardis; a Designer and Architect by trade, saw a trend in modern design - leading away from function and quality in everyday products. Products that were intended to be dependable were not. Mike had been looking to create ‘Everyday Tools’ that intentionally performed well, and would last as a testament to their design. The two spent a summer developing a way to turn a small woodshop into something that would make quality products you use everyday, and make them well.

Today, Owners Dante LaCivita and Mike Mardis are set on designing and handcrafting quality lifestyle products for you to make memories around. What started as a birthday gift became a company. What became a company name became a mission - The 1906 Gents. Quality Goods, For Life.