Everything Has a Story. This is Ours...


The 1906 Gents began with a birthday gift. For his 30th birthday, Dante LaCivita was given his Grandfather’s shave set, consisting of a straight razor, a lather mug and his Grandfather’s shave brush. A WWII Veteran his grandfather had more than a few rough edges, yet this Vet still invested time to teach a 12 year old boy “how to shave like a man”.  


The memory lasted and the idea of tradition being passed down invoked something purposeful that Dante wanted to share. Mike Mardis, a Designer and Architect by trade, who saw a trend in design that was leading away from function and quality. He had been looking to be part of something that was focused on creating ‘Everyday Tools’ with Intention - Designed with a purpose. 


Today, Owners Dante LaCivita and Mike Mardis are set on designing and handcrafting products for you to make memories around. The two took a small woodshop and re-designed it to be The 1906 Gents: A Men’s Grooming and Lifestyle Company... Focused on one mission: Stand for Generations to Come.

Everything we make has a story...built for you to make your own story around. Enjoy!